Homes for Sale and Property Values in West Mobile County AL 

West Mobile County is, simply put, a nice place to live. Families love living in West Mobile County real estate because there are plenty of jobs, things to do, places to explore, good property values, and kind people to meet.

A gem found in West Mobile County is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, located in Mobile.

Catholic or not, this Basilica is a must see for anyone who lives in a West Mobile County home. The architecture and art that is inside are truly spectacular.

The stained glass windows, spiral staircases, pipe organ, Corinthian columns, and peaceful atmosphere combine to create a divine experience for anyone who enters the church.

Soul food satisfies Mobile County homeowners 

When an owner of West Mobile AL County real estate is looking for some soul food, they come to Mary’s Southern Cooking in Mobile. This place has a quirky, funky vibe and an amazing staff to boot. This restaurant is set up in a sort of cafeteria style and serves delicious, large portions of your favorite comfort food. This place is a local favorite of many West Mobile County home owners.


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