Homes for Sale and Property Values in Midtown Mobile AL  

Midtown Mobile, Alabama is the perfect combination of city life and small town hospitality. Residents

of midtown Mobile real estate love their “best of both worlds” living situation. With the small town vibes, you get family friendly, good property values, and with the city life, you get an immense amount of amenities.

Charming homes fill tree lined streets perfect for children to ride bikes and play with one another. Neighborhoods are filled with friends young and old, combining for a tight knit community.

Midtown Mobile Home Options

There are many options to choose from in Midtown Mobile from true Craftsmans Cottages, to Victorian and Historic homes, Leinkauf Historic District is a great option. One of the most popular Historic homes neighborhood can be found at the Old Dauphin Way Historic area. Another sought after area featuring Historic Homes is the Oakleigh Historic District.

The Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center is just one example of these amenities. It provides an extremely fun and interactive experience for kids and adults alike! Midtown Mobile AL home owners love to go the science center to do amazing things such as design your own roller coaster or perform virtual heart surgery! There is also an IMAX theater to watch educational videos on a gigantic screen. Click here for more information.Kids Stretch Their Imaginations In A Midtown Mobile AL Home

Midtown Mobile real estate owners have access to lots of different food places, but one local favorite is the 7 Spice Grocery & Grill. This Mediterranean restaurant is set behind a cozy international grocery store, and serve all of your favorite Mediterranean dishes, such as kebobs, lamb chops, gyros, and shawarma.


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