Cottage Hill Area of Mobile Homes for Sale

Cottage Hill is a quaint and clean neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama. Cottage Hill real estate is very sought after because of the ideal location and nice homes for families. The Cottage Hill community is very neighborly and loving to one another.

Cottage Hill Home Owners Like to Mingle 

Cottage Hill home owners love to go down to Dauphin Street in downtown Mobile. This infamous street has art, unique shops, and historic architecture.

The local farmers market and restaurants serve fresh catch of the days right out of the gulf’s waters. It is the perfect place to take a stroll.

It has the feel of a big city, but is cleaner, smaller, and safer. There is a nice little city park called Bienville Square that is very well maintained that is worth a stop as you walk down the street.

If you have to go anywhere to eat in Mobile, any Cottage Hill home owner will tell you to go to Meat Boss. This BBQ place does true southern barbeque justice. There is not a thing on the menu that is not delicious, from their ribs to the brisket to the mac n cheese to the pulled pork to the chicken. Click here for more information.


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