The wonders of science are uncovered near Mobile homes. At the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center imagination flows. Children of all ages get hands on with interactive displays, exhibits, and programs. With a “Best is getting Better” philosophy at the heart of their vision, this exploratory museum strives to increase scientific literacy amongst those in the Gulf Coast Region.

Permanent exhibits intermix with rotating showings. The Wharf Of Wonder is designed for the littlest explorers. Kids under five can romp about in their very own play center, the S.S. Crichton. My Bodyworks showcases fifty stations detailing the functions of the amazing human body.

The IMAX Dome Theater places viewers in the actual on screen action creating a one of a kind experience. Special effects makes things appear larger than life. Current and past films feature topics such as planets, dinosaurs, animal species, weather phenomenons and more.

Take Time To Discover Science When Living In Mobile

Doing their part to enlighten the community surrounding Mobile homes this non-profit organization supports a variety of educational programs. Summer camps, field trips and classroom activities are designed to increase interest in science. There is even a Science To Go Road Show with team members on the move.

Families living in Mobile should take a look at membership opportunities. Package options range from student to deluxe family packages. Perks include unlimited admittance, discounts and complimentary IMAX tickets.